We believe everyone should be able to keep fit and healthy.

Richmond Fitness Club is a gym that combines traditional martial arts, a cool atmosphere and the latest fitness techniques, so that everyone in our club can maximise their potential everyday.



Tommy is a 1st degree black belt under Roger Gracie. Tom breaks down BJJ into simple concepts that are easily learned by all belt colours and Pro MMA fighters. His classes contain elements of Yoga, wrestling and acrobatics. Come and have a roll and a giggle.


Jack is a well respected Professional MMA fighter and coach who has had 13 fights in Europe in a variety of styles. He has a battle - tested coaching style that helps get huge results for his clients. Jack can design a training plan that will transform you into the best version of yourself


Trent is an Australian business guy and one of Jack and Tom's students. Tom and Trent started talking about the dream of opening our own Club after a gruelling BJJ session. Trent brings business experience through the eyes of a martial arts student to the gym, as well as a thick Aussie accent.

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