In our Kickboxing classes you will learning and drilling the latest moves and classic techniques of many Kickboxing styles, as well as the favourites- jump rope, shadow-box, forward kicks, punches, and the fancy footwork you see boxers do in the ring when they’re trying to avoid taking one on the chin.

Kickboxing– Beginner

The beginner program is designed for those new to martial arts, or those returning from an extended period off, who want to refresh their skills.

You will learn the basics in martial arts and self defense, in fun and energetic classes.

Kickboxing- Intermediate

For those who have been through the beginners program, or who have been training in martial arts for some time.

Classes work on improving your technique, agility, strength, fitness, co-ordination, and flexibility.

Kickboxing – Advanced

For adults working towards their black belt through our grading syllabus. Classes are of a high intensity, with sparring. Students have the option of competing Nationally and Internationally.