Taking Your First Steps into Martial Arts

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learning martial arts in Richmond Surrey

Ok, so as a kid, you always respected martial arts, but you never really got around to walking into a Dojo. Then you get through school, discover booze, become and adult and start looking for a fitness hobby to help you avoid the laziness of yesterday.

Then Facebook sends you a sponsored ad about your local Dojo (richmondfitnessclub;) having a free trial week in some cool looking ninja stuff and you click through for a trial.

What happens when you walk into a Dojo for the first time?

You look around and either see some kids kicking a punching bag, guys rolling around in pyjamas (we call the Gi’s or Kimonos), or a couple of scary looking guys training kickboxing or wrestling. You either like the adventures within or you are feeing a little awkward.

Hopefully you follow through and try a class. It won’t be easy, and although it’s a good workout, you may feel a little uncoordinated or off balance. Some people training with you may make it look effortless, don’t get frustrated, turn this into a goal to learn those skills.

5 Tips for martial arts beginners

  1. Open your mind- it’s easy to assume you could never look as smooth as the black belt as you watch him perform. But remember he/she wasn’t born with these skills, they had a first day too. They just followed through on a goal.
  2. Chat with people in the class- it’s easy to keep to yourself and feel awkward but if you make a small effort and ask some questions, you will probably meet some interesting people. The easiest way to train through low motivation days is to have friends in there
  3. Accept feeling skill-less. Martial Arts techniques have been passed down through centuries and aren’t your natural instincts. You have to unlearn you instincts and replace them with new ninja skills. This takes time.
  4. Overcome the hurdles to grab the gold- nothing worth doing is easy, but if you are focused on developing skills while getting in shape, you will have good and bad days. “Slow progress is better than no progress”
  5. Keep coming back- research tells us it takes 3 weeks to create a habit so once you have found a place you like to train make sure you commit for a month at least. This will allow you to develop some fundamentals, feel the improvement in your fitness levels, and hopefully make some friends that can help you improve faster.

So regardless of your age, fitness level, or athletic background, martial arts can help you in many ways.

All you have to do is take that first step.

Good luck on your journey,


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