Our Lil' Dragons program for 4-7 year olds has been specifically designed to cater for this age group.

We combine martial arts with learning life, and safety, skills in a fun and energised class structure.

The program encourages children to become more confident, independent, respectful, better listeners, as well as developing their self-esteem, motor skills, memory, coordination and fitness.

Students are graded individually every quarter and will progress through a coloured belt grading system. This helps reward perseverance and boost confidence.

  • 10 min warm up and stretch
  • 5 min life skills topic
  • 20 min martial arts and forms
  • 5 min games
  • 5 min safety skills topic


    Our Lil' Dragons BJJ program is for 4-7 year olds and has been specifically designed to cater for this age group.

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

    Commonly refereed to as human chess, it is combines an amazing workout, with incredible self-defense skills.

    When technique meets strategy a BJJ battle becomes effortless

    Training consists of a warm-up (strength, conditioning and flexibility) followed by learning new techniques and finally fun competition