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Jack is a former professional fighter with wins on shows like BAMMA and Cagewarriors and arenas like Wembley. He's RFC Fight Team head coach and the he runs the team's MMA, Striking and Physical Preparation training. Given Jack's constant hunt for knowledge and improving training methods, extensive fight experience and true passion for coaching you can be sure that training with him is going to be as rewarding as it's challenging. Jack has years of experience working with general population and high level athletes alike and understands everyone's goals and abilities vary. His main goal when training you will be making you the best, most badass version of yourself.


Tommy is a 1st degree black belt under Roger Gracie. Tom breaks down BJJ into simple concepts that are easily learned by all belt colours and Pro MMA fighters. His classes contain elements of Yoga, wrestling and acrobatics. Come and have a roll and a giggle.


Claire is a Yoga Teacher and International level Kickboxer, with a background in competitive endurance sports .Claire combines her athletic with her qualifications, to provide a fully comprehensive approach to helping you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you are just starting out on your exercise plan or a seasoned pro, she can provide essential nutrition and lifestyle plans for you.


“Mr Bag n Tag”, Nathan Jones is an exciting London- based MMA fighter and is currently the FURY, BCMMA and WFS Welterweight Title-holder. He has over 20 fights in Europe in many different fighting styles. Nathan is also a Black Belt in Lau gar kickboxing and has represented the UK in a number of international tournaments. Nathan has great energy which translates into his personal training style to help you get to the next level

Our trainers have years of experience in competition, and have trained with some of the most elite athletes in the world.

They know how to keep your workouts fresh, rewarding, and most importantly, help keep you focused on your fitness goals

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