The eating habits that will change your life

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Whether you’re looking to shed some weight, or simply establish a healthy lifestyle, the first place to start is to not just to change what you eat, but the way you eat, experts say .

Establishing a new routine may not seem easy at first but, as it takes approximately 66 days to form a new habit, you should persevere.

And once you start noticing the differences, not just in the way you look but the way you feel, things will start to become easier.


Portion control: Don’t pile your plate with huge amounts of food as you will feel as if you need to finish it all

‘Once you’ve read these tips, you’ll probably notice that how you think hugely impacts how you look. If you want to shift weight for good, then this is the road to success.’

Madeleine Shaw, nutritionist and cookery writer

Lemon to cleanse

The morning can be tricky to get yourself out of bed. I always start my morning with a glass of filtered water with lemon to cleanse my system and kick start my metabolism.

Pump up the protein

One of my secrets to a healthy, interesting diet is to add as much protein as possible to my meals. Whether it’s eggs or pumpkin seeds, the high protein content in these foods helps preserve muscle mass, boosts your metabolism and provides energy.

Vinegar is your friend 

Apple cider vinegar is one of my secret ingredients that I use a lot. It helps your digestive system break down food, allowing you to absorb the nutrients more efficiently. I often add a table spoon to a glass of filtered water as a drink or drizzle it into salad dressings at lunch.

Martin Shirran, weight loss expert

Want or need?  

To prevent overeating, the question that needs to be in your mind is this: do I want or need this?

If you can train yourself to replace the word ‘want’ with ‘need’ when asked questions such as ‘do you want fries with that?’ then you’ll gain more control over bad eating habits and ultimately find it easier to say no.

Beware the booze

Alcohol is filled with hidden calories, so before you grab that glass of wine remind yourself that it’s equal to a chocolate bar. If you are going to drink, take caution with what you’re drinking and generally avoid cocktails. A Pina Colada can contain a whopping 500 calories – more than lunch.

I recommend avoiding alcohol entirely, but if you do drink, opt for a Martini to cut back on calories.

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