We have classes are Yoga Flow, a series of poses flowing from one to the next synchronized with your breath, designed to improve your flexibility, strength, endurance and focus.
So whether you want to recover from hard training, or another hard day at work, this will make you better in every way.
Classes are for mixed level abilities. We give different options and modifications throughout the class, beginners will learn the basics and be able to work at their own level, those more experienced will be encourages to try more advanced poses.


Expect to build a good foundation for your yoga practice.

Basic yoga poses, breathing and alignment techniques are introduced and your practice is tailored to your needs.

Basically, it just feels like controlled stretching, and you always feel better after!


Those who have been practicing yoga and are ready for more challenging poses, will build on their endurance, strength and flexibility.

We will coach you into trying some new poses, to further increase your understanding and benefits from your practice.


Those who have been practicing yoga for some time, will focus on true technique, athleticism and stamina, more advanced variations are introduced of inversions, arm balances and backbends.